We are expert in workplaces environment solutions for employees, machines and processes upon applicable Regulatory Norms such such as NRs 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 33 e 35, using Low Cost concept, automation and Internet of Things (IoT). We assist companies identifying, implementing and managing workplace safety engineering solutions and we analyze, report, design, training and labor qualification for work safety.


We carry out customized projects:

  • Anchor Point and Lifeline;

  • Safe Industrial Layout and Fire Prevention;

  • Machinery adequation and modification;

  • Riggings;

  • Industrial steel structures;

  • Stress Analysis;

  • Requirements Management;

  • Validation Tests for machines and anchor points;

  • Reports of Evaluation.

Workplace Safety

We offer advisory in several areas:

  • Standards group NR 4, NR 6, NR 9, PPP e LTCAT;

  • GRO e PGR (Risk Management Program);

  • Ergonomic Labor Analysis;

  • Continuous Improvement in Workplace Safety;

  • Safety Audit in Machinery and Equipment;

  • Risk Assessment (NR12);

  • Document management;

  • Labor Accidents Investigation and corrective actions;

  • Trainings.

Juridical Preceedings

We carry out:

  • Technical Assistance for Labor and Civil Proceeding;

  • Expert Report;

  • Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Risk;

  • Identification of exposure to Biological Risk;

  • Quantitative evaluation of Ergonomic Risks;

  • Exposure to Hazardousness;

  • Document Analysis Assistance.

About us

Make Safe is an engineering consulting company focused on identifying solutions which attend the requirements of occupational safety and health defined in Brazilian laws, which best fit the environmental protection requirements for each client and their performance needs manufacture processes, always with the lowest business performance impact.

The company was founded based on the mix of ideas of several professional partners, which results engender a wide vision, meeting health, safety at work and environmental requirements and business needs. With the ability to identify requirements and analyze risks, from product design to delivery, Make Safer assists in the development and implementation of solutions using the most diverse updated technologies, be it transformation or distribution companies.


To promote the development of the environment and the workplace, making it safer, healthier, productive and profitable, respecting legislation, its workers and business needs.


To be a reference in consulting to create productive, profitable and sustainable environment and workplaces for comunity, using creative, simple and updated solutions, in the area of São José dos Campos and Campinas.


Being commited to customers and partners, always valuing for excellence, cordiality and honesty.

Our team

Make Safer has a highly experienced and expert team to propose solutions that meet the requirements of applicable legislation, developing the environment and the workplace and at the same time keeping it safe and profitable.

A 30 year professional in major industries, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, master's degree in Production Engineering and post-graduation in Workplace Safety Engineering, with a large experience in team management, project management (PMBOK and Critical Chain), planning activities, Continuous Improvement, Lean, Kaizen, Toyota Methodology, DMAIC and device development, meeting the NR10, NR12, NR17, NR35.
Extensive experience in the nonconformities analysis of aeronautical products and execution of landing gear qualification tests, elaboration of work instructions and procedures of Health and Workplace Safety, risks analysis, unsafe conditions analysis, accidents investigations and management of the improvements actions, these are in partnership with the ​​Workplace Safety department. Conducting labor judicial investigation in companies in several areas (civil construction, hospitals, automobile, among others).
With a post-graduate degree in Workplace Safety, after long experience in engineering companies, developed the link between the Mechanical Engineering universe and Workplace Safety, offering a balanced view between Engineering requirements, Workplace Safety Brazilian legal obligations, the care of the worker and the company financial income.


For safer solutions, Make Safer works with experienced partners in project development, industrial automation, documentation and new technologies.
Automação e Manutenção Industrial

Industrial Automation and Maintenance

Consultoria Especializada para estruturação de Documentos e Informações Empresariais

Specialized Consulting for structuring of Documents and Business Information

Soluções em Tecnologia

Solutions in Technology


Some of our clients

Where to find us


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São José dos Campos, SP


+55 12 98116-3623